About Me

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I’m not really 12. I’m just digging the weird purple sweater I wore that day.

This is starting out as a bit of an experiment, truthfully. I just don’t know how or where it will go.

I live in the Farmington Valley in Connecticut with my husband and two sons, and a small dumpy looking dog (he has all the unpleasant behavioral traits of a beagle, so that’s what I tell people he is, but we rescued him in 2005 from CT Labs For Rescue).

Dumpy dog.

I have a weird sense of humor, and I love it when I meet someone else who laughs at the same things. I think videos of people slipping and falling on icy sidewalks are hysterical, and I’m not guilty enough about it not to share that with you.

I also like wine and manhattans, and I (usually) drink them responsibly.

It should be interesting, so stick around and watch. Or lurk, even. If you make a rude comment, it won’t be approved, unless it’s really funny – just sayin’.

XOXO Sarah

Me now. While cleaning a bathroom at home. Or preparing a cocktail.

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